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The WISKI Explorer/test 2wiski-explorer.jpg

The WISKI Explorer facilitates simple navigation through individual data structures and user defined data trees. The WISKI Explorer even has a Working Folder that acts as a "favorites" where you can quickly access the data relevant to your current work in just 2 clicks!

Enjoy the flexible configuration for displaying user defined tree views, explorer paths, output tabs, a pin board, station maps, toolboxes, and analyses tools, without compromising on the ease of navigation.



Data and time series management


WISKI is at home with the diversity of your data and opens the door to a flexible range of applications.  WISKI 7 and the KISTERS Time Series Management server (TSM) are the result of more than 25 years of experience in the global water industry.

WISKI's mass data calculation, optimized database and transfer capabilities make the storage, visualization and analysis of data a highly efficient process.

WISKI's TSM is the most open time series data management solution on the market today!

  • WISKI/TSM follows the little SOA approach, in which controlled open access to all sorts of data types is provided
  • WISKI/TSM boths supports and leads the development of open standards on webservice level for hydrologic data
  • WISKI/TSM is OpenMI compliant, allowing it to interface with OpenMI compliant models
  • WISKI/TSM offers robust permission management to control the access to various data groups.  This is not easily possible at the database level, hence KISTERS' TSM middle tier solution manages the secure access in atomic permissions
  • WISKI/TSM even has its own scripting language to extend the system
  • WISKI/TSM offers APIs (webservice, dll, TSM proxy) to interface with external modules

WISKI can easily manage a single stream of time series data, that includes;

  • Instantaneous and mean values
  • Equidistant and non-equidistant data
  • Interpolatable or non-interpolatable data

...regardless of the sampling frequency!

WISKI 7 also enables users to capture and manage basic / meta data about their monitoring stations.  The WISKI Basic Data tab pages are flexible and can be configured for any station type at any time in WISKI.  Basic data can include picture elements, pdf documents, URLs, as well as key lists, floating or text fields to help create a customized look and feel to your meta data.



Calculations and evaluations


WISKI is a full featured Hydrological workbench suitable for small and large systems - it is much more than a database.  Any database can store and retrieve data for reporting, but what separates a good system from a great system is the ability to perform a wide variety of calculations, analysis and evaluations on the data.

WISKI works as a data center, collecting and merging information, automatically creating ADDED VALUE to your data with options to validate, correct, aggregate, and analyze your data on the fly.

WISKI utilizes a framework of "agents" that act upon the data as it moves through the system.  Agents constitute powerful algorithms for data calculation, analysis and reporting.  These agents also create and register specific automatic calculations, data validations and corrections within WISKI.  Additionally, they analyze the data using statistical methods and create data exports and reports.


Since agents are available globally throughout a WISKI system, all data using the same agent is handled in exactly the same manner.  This key characteristic of the agent framework ensures the integrity of the data in your WISKI system.



Data quality code system

Data is more than just data. The WISKI Quality Code System assists you in transforming data into information. Manage your data quality with a maximum of 254 definable color-coded quality flags, and an unlimited amount of standard remarks and comments. With the “Quality Slider” you can exclude any unqualified data from your calculations.


WISKI's Data Quality system ensures that:

  • Original data cannot be edited, and cannot be deleted (Only a copy of the data may be altered)
  • Each time-series maintains Quality Code flag information
  • Each data point maintains Quality Code flag information and remarks
  • User defined Data Integrity (Plausibility / Validation) flags are automatically generated.
  • Edited data maintains audit trail
    (User, date edited, period of editing description and/or comment)
  • Color coded QC flags for easy interpretation are shown in the graph
  • Mouse over popups provide detailed Quality Code information

Flow measurement and rating curves

wiski-biber-cross-section.jpgWISKI offers fully integrated discharge measurement (BIBER) and rating curve editor (SKED) modules.  BIBER extends WISKI by adding functions to record and evaluate flow measurements from a variety of sources.  Use one application to work on regular and irregular cross-sections with current meter, sensor, ADCP and dye tracer data.







SKED, the KISTERS rating curve editor, offers a diverse range of rating curve types and analysis methods. BIBER and SKED fulfill many international standards (e.g. ISO, USGS, British and German Standards). Complex tasks according to the stage-fall method, discharge hysteresis, USGS stage/date shifts or various backwater methods can be solved easily with BIBER and SKED. 

User administration

wiski-useradmin2.jpgProtect your data and the information you’ve added! The WISKI User Administration Concept allows you to securely control data access through flexible and highly configurable administrative roles and rights. External access is also subject to your full control. WISKI can be easily integrated into your existing LDAP system.

Reporting & data publication


Individualized and customer-specific reports are no problem for WISKI. A range of standard reports can be generated immediately. Modifications and custom reports can be created quickly and easily using the KiScript scripting language. WISKI provides a standard set of fixed reports (such as annual lists or daily mean report, monthly list and long term reports). Individual Reports can be easily designed and implemented into the WISKI System.



Need to share your information with others?  It's easy with WISKI Web! Three clicks at the most to access maps, time series graphs and tables, meta data, data exports and reports. WISKI Web publishes your data to your specification including flood information and alarms. Different solutions for intranets, closed user groups and the general public are available.

n-Tier client architecture

wiski-architecture.jpgWISKI is a state of the art, enterprise level software solution built on an n-tier client-server architecture in which the user interface, business logic, data storage, and data access are developed and maintained as independent modules.

How does this affect me?

  • Blazingly Fast System Performance – significant advantages through the use of separate application servers for business logic processes, reducing the impact on your desktop client’s performance.
  • Future proof solution - any of the tiers can be upgraded or replaced independently as requirements or technology change.

Database technology

WISKI operates with the database platform of your choice. The most popular platforms are Microsoft’s MS-SQL, or Oracle. Finally, there is a flexible and expandable system, suited to your needs, that at the same time is an ergonomically optimized and powerful tool. The WISKI Database design brings true relational database capabilities at lightning fast speeds. Time Series Data and Meta data storage are only limited to the physical size of the hardware.