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We have developed this FAQ section in response to the needs of our prospective clients to learn more about WISKI and the many solutions it provides.  This section is constantly evolving and we encourage you to check here first for answers to your questions.

What is WISKI?

WISKI stands for Water Information System KISTERS.  It's a name that is hard to forget!

WISKI's primary purpose is as a hydrological database solution that can manage all of your hydrological data in ONE location.  Many organizations often have distributed "silos" of critical project and operational data that needs to be monitored and updated.  These same organizations often routinely use cumbersome desktop spreadsheet applications, or custom built databases to manage this data with wildly varying degrees of success.

Eliminate the chances of deleting critical data, track your editing history with a complete audit trail, and finally get access to an enterprise level system with the convenience of an easy to use desktop GUI with WISKI.  Stop letting your data manage you, and instead start managing your data - with WISKI. 

Can WISKI read data from my data loggers?

WISKI has the capability to read any data logger and file format. All common collection devices and file formats in the time series management field have already been implemented: e.g. readers by the manufacturers OTT (Thalimedes data logger, Hydram2 portable terminal, VOTA multi functional device, etc.) and SEBA (MDS3 data logger, Floater, HT100 portable terminal, LG100 reader, etc.), and the MICROBIT portable terminal. For data import, the currently implemented formats include the standard CSV format, which can be generated in any spreadsheet software such as Excel, and the ZRXP, UVF, DDP, CMS, HYDRAS, DEMAS, HZB, MDS, MTX formats, and many more. Several script driven import interfaces are also available.

How many stations can I put into the WISKI database?

WISKI can take data in from an unlimited number of stations, regardless of station type.  WISKI also supports an unlimited number of parameters and time series in the database with the ability to even define your own unique unit types.  The only restriction is the physical hard disk space on your system.

Can the WISKI database be shared by more than one department?

Yes, the WISKI database can be shared by any department that collects Time Series Data. Consider the savings your agency could realize by eliminating unneeded single purpose database solutions. WISKI can include data from all departments that monitor data from Rainfall, to the Reservoir, to the Residence and back to the Waste Water Plant!

Can I bring ALL of my historical data into WISKI?

Yes. WISKI has the ability to bring in ALL historical data on an unlimited scale. Even data from the older strip charts can be brought into WISKI using our DIGIT software.

How can I control the quality of data in WISKI?

WISKI has a total of 254 possible quality codes available that can be configured by the user. Quality control can be conducted automatically based on a predefined set of validation criteria, or manually in a graph or table.  A complete audit trail of changes to the quality of a data point is kept within WISKI.

Quality codes can be set to handle the needs of multiple groups working in the same environment, or to represent various levels of administrative approval.

What is the KiTSM?

KiTSM is the acronym for the KISTERS TSM (Time Series Management) System.  KiTSM is the new shared system core of all KISTERS products where time series are involved. It represents the application layer of an n-tier architecture, and provides all services necessary for time series management and calculation to the applications built upon it.  It is highly efficient at processing massive amounts of time series data.

Can WISKI connect to my existing SCADA or telemetry system?

Yes, most definitely.  Data collection systems like SCADA and cellular telemetry have been on the market for quite some time.  Thus we have developed WISKI using a vendor-neutral approach to be able to serve the broad needs of the hydrology market.  WISKI can either import data from "hot folders" on shared network drives, or monitor dedicated transfer tables within SCADA systems.  We have interfaced WISKI with almost every data collection platform during our 20+ years of developing WISKI.  We also develop our own SCADA solutions, and are confident in our ability to help deliver a robust data collection solution.

Some clients, who use loggers from multiple vendors, have opted to use our SODA Telemetry system to be able to collect data from all of their units with one system, instead of maintaining two or more collection platforms.

Does WISKI support real time data collection?

Yes, WISKI can receive and calculate real time data and have it ready for display in seconds. Our high speed architecture is designed for dealing with large or small volumes amount of data whether they are tele-metered or manually entered into the system.  WISKI will support the collection of real time data down to the 100th of a second interval, but this is dependent on the RDBMS system you select.

What if I already have a database? Can I use WISKI with it?

The WISKI database has evolved into a highly efficient, flexible, and dynamic system with integrated "checks and balances" built into it over the last 20+ years.  In order to utilize the powerful features, functions and calculation capabilties of WISKI, data from your existing database(s) should be migrated into it.  WISKI does provide flexible connect to and exchange data with external data sources, such as legacy databases.

We have learned from our many years of extensive global experience in data migration how to make this an efficient and painless experience.

What's the difference between WISKI and Hydstra?

KISTERS provides two time series based environmental data management solutions. What is the difference? Hydstra is a highly optimized, very fast and efficient proprietary database solution (file based), and WISKI is a highly optimized, very fast and efficient relational database solution (MS-SQL / Oracle). Hydstra is a compact solution capable of installation on a Laptop or a server farm whereas WISKI is an N-Tier server solution. Both solutions have no limits other than the hardware they are installed on and both solutions are equal in capabilities. You make the choice!

Is the data stored in a protected binary format?

No. The data in WISKI is stored in an open and accessible format on your choice of RDBMS platforms such as MS-SQL Server or Oracle.  Access to the database tables and fields stored in the RDBMS platform is not restricted.  However, system and data integrity may be jeopardized if changes to the data are made outside of the WISKI solution.  Further consultation with a KISTERS representative should occur before attempting this.

Is the data model copyrighted or restricted through licencing?

The database schema, or data model is copyrighted under intellectual property laws. The data model is highly optimized for the WISKI front-end graphical user interfaced (GUI), however, WISKI has the ability to connect to other data sources as well.  As a result, the data model can support multiple purposes for any organization.

Is WISKI resillient to change? Will I need to buy a new system in 5 years to keep up?

You are investing in a "Future Proof" solution when you choose WISKI.  Its n-tier architecture has been uniquely designed to help insulate our customers from changes in technology and IT environments.  With captial budgets constantly under pressure, and existing operational resources being squeezed to the limit, KISTERS understands the need to develop solutions that can easily adapt to changes that our clients face.

KISTERS' WISKI solution has been around for 25 years, has an installed global client base numbering in the 1000's, and there are plans to supply this product for the next 25 years.  Please see our recent press release here for details on our top credit rating.