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We have developed this FAQ section in response to the needs of our prospective clients to learn more about ResOpt and the many solutions it provides.  This section is constantly evolving and we encourage you to check here first for answers to your questions.

What is Mixed Integer Programming?

A mixed-integer program is the minimization or maximization of a linear function subject to linear constraints.  Mixed integer programs can be used to formulate just about any discrete optimization problem. They are also heavily used in practice for solving problems in the transportation and manufacturing sectors: airline crew scheduling, vehicle routing, and production planning.

Can ResOpt be manually or automatically run?

The optimization processes themselves either run automatically under the control of a workflow, or are initiated manually by the user. The powerful PROMETHEUS calculation engine carries out optimization rapidly using the latest information. The results time series are then transferred to the interface in the form of e.g. graphs, tables and reports.

Can ResOpt be integrated into my existing solution?

ResOpt is integrated into the services of the BelVis Energy Market Systems product family, but it is also completely capable of being deployed in combination with external energy data management systems.

Is ResOpt only able to be used in the Energy industry?

Not only can ResOpt be used in the Energy industry, but it can also be utilized in the Water, Manufacturing, and Process industries.

What time horizons can ResOpt be used in?

ResOpt can be used to solve issues in short (hourly, daily, weekly) and long term time horizons (monthly, seasonal, annual, and long term).  In the case of a water reservoir optimization scenario, as a first step, ResOpt is introduced for the optimization of short-term planning and operation.  For longer time horizons, ResOpt is used with scenarios and with stochastic optimization for simulation and hydropower planning.

How can ResOpt help my company?

Simply put, ResOpt's goals can be set for: increasing profits, reducing costs, protecting resource streams and avoiding emissions.

How does ResOpt manage data flow?

Data flow is handled by KiTSM. ResOpt is connected to the powerful KISTERS Time series Management (KiTSM)module, where input and output data are managed in a highly efficient manner using the business logic of the specific client organization.

How does ResOpt export data?

ResOpt data can be saved in several different formats. You can simply copy and paste data into MS Excel or export data in one of the following formats (.csv, .xls, .xml, .txt).  With the built in KiBasic programming language, you can easily access stored information within the system and even generate automated and adhoc reports.

What is ResOpt?

ResOpt is an optimization software developed by KISTERS. ResOpt can be utilized in both the Energy and Water industries.  ResOpt optimally plans out structures, resource streams, portfolios and systems, and plans the management of energy resources in a multi-energy and multi-market environment.