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The Hydstra solution is comprised of several fully integrated modules that work in combination to meet the needs of our clients globally.  Our clients enjoy the flexibility in our module selection, being able to pick and choose new modules as their needs change over time.

Hydstra/TS - Time-Series Data Management

hydstra-time-series-plot2.jpgHydstra/TS is the core time-series data management system that provides you with the tools to build and maintain a first-class time-series data archive.

Efficient storage

Using very efficient compression techniques, Hydstra/TS can store tens of thousands of site years of data on your local hard drive.  All data is stored in a central archive that can be accessed by all users.

Data Management Tools

The Data Managers Workbench is a primary component of Hydstra/TS that provides facilities for viewing, editing and reporting on your data.  With the Data Managers Workbench you can ensure that your archive is in good shape.

Powerful Analyses

Hydstra/TS comes with a wide range of plots and reports to extract information from your data.

Meta Data

hydstra-site-manager.jpgHydstra/TS can be run over SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL and Foxpro compatible database tables to store supporting information such as site information, rating tables, gaugings, cross-sections, logger configurations and data quality codes.

Using very efficient compression techniques, Hydstra/TS can store tens of thousands of site years of data on your local hard drive.  All data is stored in a central archive that can be accessed by all users.

Hydstra/MA - Mapping Interface

hydstra-integrated-with-mapping-functions.jpgHydstra/MA is a mapping interface to your central archive.  It allows you to access time-series data on a map base, making your archive more widely accessible.  Hydstra/MA is tightly integrated with Hydstra/TS.






Hydstra/MO - Modelling Tool

hydstra-modelling-and-simulation.jpgHydstra/MO is a modelling extension to Hydstra/TS that allows you to get more out of your data.  A model in Hydstra/MO is written in a simple yet powerful language that can manipulate time-series data from your central archive.  Some applications for Hydstra/MO include:

  • Uncertainty Calculations
  • Water Balance Models
  • Water Quality Load Calculation
  • Sewer I & I
  • Calculating Annual Means
  • Peak Extraction
  • AWBM Catchment Runoff Model
  • Simple flow routing
  • Reservoir modelling
  • Error propagation analysis

Hydstra/WQ - Water Quality Data Management

hydstra-integrated-with-water-quality-database1.jpgHydstra/WQ provides the facilities for extending your archive to include water quality data.  Using a flexible database structure Hydstra/WQ can store any number of analysis results with any number of samples.  Hydstra/WQ also provides additional analyses and tight integration with Hydstra/TS making it a very powerful water quality data management system.




Hydstra/GW - Groundwater Bore Management

hydstra-integrated-with-groundwater-database-group.jpgHydstra/GW is a system for managing information about groundwater bores.  It can store everything you need to know about groundwater bores, including construction details, casings, screens, aquifers penetrated, lithology, geology and much more.  A graphical reporting program produces bore schematics and listings of data down the hole such as casings, screens, drilling details etc.







Hydstra/SVR - Task Server

hydstra-automated-task-scheduling-&-processing2.jpgHydstra/SVR provides two primary components. SVRIMP is an automated data import tool that runs constantly and imports data from text files into Hydstra. It can easily be integrated with SODA or other telemetry systems, and can deal with data arriving in real time. SVRRUN is a task server that can initiate jobs whenever certain trigger events occur, such as changes in a time series file or database. Using SVRRUN it is possible to arrange for up to the minute plots and reports to be sent to the web every time a new data point arrives by telemetry.



Hydstra/WEB - Web Portal

hydstra-web-portal.jpgHydstra/WEB is a framework for accessing Hydstra data and documents within a highly configurable website. You may configure multiple userclasses who have access to different sets of sites and variables. Prepared outputs (plots, images, movies, audio files and reports) may presented to users. On demand outputs of plots and tables of data may be configured. The architecture is highly configurable in terms of styling, special reports and interactive maps.


Web publishing examples may be found here


Documentation about web services may be found here