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Hydstra offers a rich set of features to manage your data.

Click on the sub sections below to review detailed information on different features of Hydstra.

Data Acquisition and Storage

hydstra-data-acquisition-and-storage.jpgStore supporting information such as station information, rating tables, shifts, discharge measurements, cross-sections, logger configurations and data quality codes.  Data acquired through SODA, HydroTel, and other third party telemetry systems can be directly stored in Hydstra.

Hydstra supports other methods of data acquisition, such as manual file import, FTP file transfer, and the automatic import of data from publicly accessible websites.

Hydstra stores data in a proprietary file system that is optimized for compression and querying.

Contact us to find out if your telemetry system is supported.

Data Management

  • hydstra-data-management.jpgRedraw data to correct spikes, flat spots, etc
  • Apply filters to smooth data or remove values outside normal range
  • Operate on data in text or graphical mode
  • Undo any edit
  • Quality code data and add comments
  • Recalibrate data to adjust for clock or transducer drift
  • Archive data using drag and drop
  • Operate on any number of files simultaneously
  • Report on the contents of a time-series file
  • Quantise data in time and/or value domains
  • Resample data with time and event triggers
  • Copy and paste between blocks, variables, data files. Paste data points into other Windows text-based applications
  • Process logger data files into time series

Data Analysis

  • hydstra-data-analysis-group.jpgReport of annual total flows
  • Print daily concentrations
  • Report daily values for a year
  • Extract events from time series data
  • Flow duration reports
  • Report hourly values for a month 
  • Report monthly summaries
  • Multiple station summary report
  • Rainfall intensity duration analysis
  • Extract rainfall intensity events
  • Rainfall storm analysis
  • Flow statistical summary report
  • Rainfall statistical summary report
  • Report daily values for a year
  • Extract a single value from time series data

Modelling and Simulation

  • hydstra-modelling-and-simulation.jpgFlow Forecasting, including exception Alarming
  • Yield Analysis
  • Data Simulation and Manufacture,
  • Data Comparison, Regression, Analysis etc.
  • Design Assessment of Infrastructure
  • Catchment Modelling
  • Powerful Script Language & Easy Error Navigation
    • Create complex rules using the Hydstra Basic script language (similar to Microsoft® Visual Basic).
    • Find the source of the error in your models with a single key press
    • Inputs could be actual [real time], predicted or design rainfalls.
    • The model could be automated on Hydstra Scheduler.
    • The model could detect alarms conditions and activate messages such as E-mail or SMS, giving advanced warning of impending dangers.
    • Model Outputs (forecasts) can be written directly back to the database and presented in reports like normal measured data.
  • Synchronous Modelling
    • Hydstra also offer a Windows-based program for synchronous modelling, ie. calculations with time series data in which time advances by discrete steps.
    • A model is written in an algebraic-like language. Functions within the language allow data to be read from or written to Time Series files as well as providing a variety of data manipulation operations.
    • The results of calculations are displayed on the screen and may, under program control, be written to a text file. You can execute a program interactively, observing the results of each step, or run it in batch mode without user intervention.

Record Gauging Discharge Measurements

hydstra-record-gauging-discharge-measurements-group.jpgHydstra supports both the manual input of gauging measurements through the graphical user interface, but also the direct import of gaugings collected by devices such as the AquaCalc and FlowTracker.  Summary information from ADCP gaugings can either be manually entered, or imported automatically through the use of a custom script.






Graphical Rating Editor

  • hydstra-graphical-rating-editor1.jpgRating Selection
  • Insert New Period(s)
  • Zoom In / Zoom Out
  • Fit Table [Power Fit]
  • Move Point With Mouse
  • Equations & Points
  • Logarithmic Interpolation
  • Display Vertical Velocity Curve
  • Displays coefficient of discharge
  • Complies to USGS standard
  • Parabolic Function
  • Exponential Function
  • LOWESS Smoothing Method
  • Selects Gaugings
  • hydtsra-graphical-rating-editor2.jpgDelete New Points
  • Scale Changes
  • Undo Last Change
  • Insert new point
  • Loads Cross Sections
  • Linear Interpolation
  • Power2/5 Interpolation
  • Uses Manning's equation
  • ISO Standards Tests
  • Hyperbolic Function
  • Regression Fitting Method
  • User Configurable

Automated Task Scheduling & Processing

hydtsra-automated-task-scheduling_&_processing.jpgMost Hydstra applications can be run from a batch file which can be in turn run as a scheduled task using Windows Scheduler or any number of third party scheduling tools.  Hydstra can be configured as a fully automated system, or fully manual system, or anywhere in between.






Automated & Manual Reporting

hydstra-reporting.jpgHydstra reports can be run from a batch file which can be in turn run as a scheduled task using Windows Scheduler, or any number of third party scheduling tools.  Reports can be configured to be run automatically, or on an ad hoc basis.





Integrated with Water Quality database

  • hydstra-integrated-with-water-quality-database-group.jpgWater quality archive
  • Any number of analyses per sample
  • Integrated with Hydstra/Time Series
  • Analyze quality and quantity together
  • Import from spreadsheets
  • Manual data entry
  • Import from laboratory management systems
  • All Hydstra time series analysis programs can read water quality data
  • Compute loads with MODSYN
  • Export to spreadsheets
  • Specific water quality analyses


Integrated with Groundwater database

  • hydstra-integrated-with-groundwater-database-group.jpgGround water bore data management
  • Integrated with Hydstra/Time Series and Hydstra/Mapping
  • Levels available to all Time Series programs
  • Records information on well construction
    • Bore Master
    • Casing and Screen details
    • Aquifers
    • Gravel pack
    • Driller’s lithology
    • Geologist’s Lithology
    • Driller Registration
    • Bore usage
  • Records information on well production
    • Pipe details
    • Measuring Point changes
    • Level, pumped volume, salinity etc
    • Pump test results
    • Artesian flows





Integrated with Mapping functions

  • hydstra-integrated-with-mapping-functions.jpgAccess live time-series data or water quality data in addition to photos, documents and pre-computed reports, simply by clicking on a site on a map of your region
  • Contouring of values using Hydstra Mapping