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ESRI Technology Integration

Bringing together spatial and temporal data for effective water resources management decisions has always been at the forefront our client’s minds and our minds at KISTERS.  KISTERS has developed a market leading solution for the management of this data, called WISKI.  Applied to organizations of any size, WISKI excels at managing massive amounts of time series data with ease while giving clients access to integrated modules for water quality data, alarming, data acquisition, task scheduling, modeling, and GIS mapping, and more.

Since 1987, WISKI has been used by all levels of government and many private organizations around the world in support of a number of different initiatives.  These include flood forecasting and warning, drought monitoring, snow and ice monitoring, coast guard operations, groundwater monitoring, water and wastewater treatment, agricultural monitoring and irrigation, dam safety and operations, urban hydrology, climate change monitoring and more.

KISTERS has chosen to integrate ESRI’s advanced mapping technology into its solutions for clients in three different ways;


WISKI-Extension-for-ArcGIS.jpgWISKI Extension for ArcGIS

Geared to the ESRI ArcGIS user, the WISKI Extension for ArcGIS is installed on a PC running ArcGIS workstation.  The ArcGIS workstation can then access all the time series data, meta data and water quality sample data stored within the WISKI system to create both static and animated maps for reports, websites, or public presentations.







WISKI Premium Map

The Premium Map module is integrated directly into the graphical user interface of the WISKI desktop client application and makes efficient use of the ESRI ArcGIS Engine license and a base .MXD map file. WISKI users can view, query and perform complex operations on multiple stations at once using a condensed set of GIS navigation tools.



WISKI-Web-ESRI-Javascript-API.jpgWISKI WEB Mapping

WISKI Web uses the ArcGIS Javascript API to provide high quality mapping tools to the online client. The API allows KISTERS to easily embed maps in our WISKI Web solution so that users can visualize time-aware data using the TimeSlider widget.





For more information on KISTERS’ solutions and the integration of ESRI mapping technology, please contact;

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