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Within the BelVis Energy software family, there are four integrated modules that can be combined to provide a powerful and complete Energy Data Management solution.

BelVis EDM - Energy Data Management

EDM –Energy Data Management (BelVis EDM) for the power sector is the basic system for network operators and for the distribution and trading arms of utility companies.  BelVis EDM POWER provides all of the most important basic functions for the entire BelVis software family. 

Energy data management is the basic BelVis package for distribution, sales, trade and procurement. This software module includes all the basic functions of a time series management system and is available with specifications for electricity or gas. It includes the following essential functions:

  • user administration
  • time series management database
  • time series arithmetic and virtual metering points
  • data visualization
  • metadata administration
  • calendar
  • import / export
  • consistency and validation verifications
  • load profiles
  • reports
  • simple forecasting

Where greater performance is required, additional modules for distribution, sales, trade and procurement can be added. As such, BelVis can mean IT success.

BelVis MDM - Meter Data Management

BelVis Meter Data Management is the metering service provider solution for the operation of intelligent household meters. As a bridge between process data handling and company-wide information processing, its comprehensive functions are available to both sides through data synchronization. BelVis MDM is multi-commodity oriented and conceived with foresight for the implementation of future smart metering requirements.

Bringing mass data and rapid processing together

BelVis MDM quickly processes very large volumes of metering data and events from several different commodities at the lowest possible total cost. Mass collected metering data from the various different connected AMI systems is integrated and unified. Connection of BelVis SODA AMI and other arbitrary AMI systems is possible using specific protocols (including on the basis of SOAP or SML - Smart Meter Language). BelVis EDM accesses data prepared in this way in order to execute all business processes and communication with ERP systems. In over 300 installations, BelVis EDM has proven to be of convincing quality and offer processing reliability in energy data processes.

Database and data management

BelVis MDM provides a secure database for the development of complete business processes and the display of consumption and cost data over web technologies (BelVis WEB):

  • user management with multi-level access protection and clients through assignment of user rights associated with roles
  • basic data synchronisation
  • receipt, processing and forwarding of tariff models
  • history management: data may remain accessible online over several years

Powerful time series management

KISTERS Time Series Management (KiTSM), the core of our leading energy data management systems, includes specialized MDM units for the receipt and processing of mass smart metering data, making it the performance core of BelVis MDM:

  • plausibility checks and replacement value generation to ensure the data quality of metering data supplied by the AMI systems
  • event handling
  • integrated calculation server to manage calculation jobs and automatic creation of all time series to be updated
  • logging of running processing
  • system and data monitoring

Reliable high-speed communication calculations

The BelVis MDM calculation server updates all power, gas and water load profiles and carries out plausibility checks. High daily read rates (e.g. quarter hourly) are possible. The update intervals are synchronized with other system activities through a configuration file. Under the default configuration, the calculation server imports and updates the necessary time series during the night. All required calculations may be carried out using predefined calculation methods and calculations are freely definable using formulae (e.g. for balancing and cost accounting using tariff models). BelVis MDM functions fundamentally as a parameterizable calculation machine, which provides its results to other applications such as EDM, forecasting, PFM and billing through communication and services. As a rating engine, BelVis MDM carries out tariff projection and preparation of billing statements.

Aggregation and balancing

BelVis MDM aggregates data and prepares all values necessary for balancing, such as daily sums and partial sums of tariff times for each individual meter. BelVis MDM is also capable of evaluating the tariff time sums with tariff costs and higher sums with reference to customers, contractors, balancing groups and networks.

Flexible enough for every application

BelVis MDM scales well and offers powerful configuration options, meaning it can adapt to companies of any size. All modes of operation are possible: as a solution for a standalone company, shared operation under the umbrella of cooperations, or Application Service Providing (ASP) mode directly at KISTERS or another service provider. BelVis MDM provides application solutions for every size and need.

Consumption data display

Return transmission of consumption data to customers is perfectly integrated in the KISTERS smart metering solution. BelVis WEB represents a shop window to the end customer, and allows prompt data provision and visualization (graphs and tables) of information over the internet. Customers can view their current consumption, meter readings, power and consumption history. The rating engine included in BelVis MDM calculates real consumption information in dollars based on kWh data and tariff information. Detailed user management and multi-language capabilities make BelVis WEB a hit in every field.

BelVis PRO - Energy, Load, Price Forecasting

BelVis PRO enables the use of the whole world of algorithmic processes to create high-quality prognoses in energy management. Thus it secures a broad range of tasks in energy sales, distribution and trading, whose success depends on the right look into the future. In the core of BelVis PRO, powerful methods and comprehensive load profile libraries ensure high quality results and unparalleled computing speed.

Intuitive user guidance guarantees easy handling. Users will be able to fully focus on their actual tasks and turn forecasts into profit. Whether it is load and sales forecasts or price and consumption forecasts, BelVis PRO provides an indispensable and reliable tool for optimum operational efficiency.

Integrated Success

Knowing future energy requirements is key to profitability in energy sales, distribution and trading. BelVis PRO generates the probable load profile or price as a time series using its task-oriented user interface and based on a variety of influencing factors.

Time periods and patterns can be configured as desired. E.g. when used for sales forecasts BelVis PRO builds on the customer contract data and automatically generates the structures, individual prognoses and subtotals relevant for customer prognoses on all levels, such as networks, distributions and balancing groups. In this BelVis PRO works together with the BelVis Energy Data Management tool. Data and application integration with the BelVis Energy Data Management (EDM) and BelVis Portfolio Management (PFM) modules offers optimum operational efficiency. With its easily configurable interface connection to existing metering, EDM, CRM and billing systems BelVis PRO can also be used as an independent forecasting tool. 


BelVis is also compatible with all major remote meter reading systems, directly over their own file interface. The smoothest import into EDM POWER and EDM GAS is performed by the remote meter reading module BelVis SODA. BelVis SODA consists of hardware and software specifically tailored to communication tasks, and provides ample coverage of the remote data transmission requirements.

The SODA ControlCenter monitors and controls all activities. Various services are provided over a web server, such as configuration, visualization of remote call data and logs, basic data maintenance, and generation and activation of remote call jobs on the internet or intranet. BelVis SODA supports some 50 different communications protocols and raw data formats. SODA places the retrieved data directly in the BelVis database, thus avoiding the redundancy which commonly occurs in plausibility checking, default value substitution, visualization and archiving.