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BelVis EDM

BelVis Energy Data Management provides all of the most important basic data management functions for the entire BelVis software family. “From data creation to billing”, EDM securely preserves every data point while providing complete flexibility for manipulating collected data for other energy management functions.

EDM is the core of an entire system network, which includes:

  • Connection to remote meter reading systems (MDM)
  • Integration of all major billing systems, such as SAP, Oracle, NorthStar, and can be customized to “in-house” and other legacy systems.
  • Connection to other data suppliers for weather data, prices, utilization fees and more
  • Easy to configure, suits any size of company, and offers a full range of operating versions

BelVis MDM

BelVis MDM quickly processes very large volumes of metering data and events from multiple meter data sources at the lowest possible total cost. AMI, AMR, Manual Reading, and Customer Service provided data is collected, integrated and unified for seamless utilization. Additionally, seamless connection to BelVis’s SODA data collection hardware and 3rd party AMI systems is possible using standard protocols (including SOAP and SML - Smart Meter Language).

BelVis MDM key features include:

  • Mass data capabilities
  • High Speed processing through specialized time series management tools
  • Scalability – From small municipality support through multi-million point urban utility settings
  • Supports a range of AMI systems
  • Online data display
  • Powerful configuration options for tailored deployment

BelVis PRO

BelVis PRO is a proven advanced forecasting tool for the energy Industry, utilizing the algorithmic processes to create high-quality prognoses in energy management, BelVis PRO secures a broad range of tasks in energy sales, distribution and trading, whose success depends on the most accurate forecast of these markets. In the core of BelVis PRO, powerful methods and comprehensive load profile libraries ensure high quality and unparalleled computed speed results. Forecasts provided by BelVis PRO benefit from KISTERS' 25+ years of time-series management expertise and over ten years of energy data management expertise. Kisters’ extensive algorithm library, developed over two decades includes:

  • fuzzy and neuro-fuzzy logic
  • ANN (Artificial Neural Networks)
  • ALN (Adaptive Logic Network)
  • similar-day profile methods
  • multivariate linear regression
  • Kalman filtering
  • exponential smoothing


BelVis SODA AMR / AMI control center is the interface to practically all smart metering solutions in the metering field capable of being connected over modern protocols. The requirements of the new metering service provider role are fulfilled over an interface for market communication.

The BelVis SODA hardware control center provides:

  • Reading data values, meter readings and load profiles from data loggers and connected meters
  • Regular reading or read on demand
  • Meter registration (during commissioning)
  • Switching, turn-on and turn-off
  • Meter locking and unlocking
  • Setting the time
  • Basic data comparison
  • Importing push data
  • Forwarding and interface to BelVis MDM or other MDM systems
  • Rate ad Tariff configuration
  • Demand Response and Load Limiting support
  • Prepaid Energy support