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We have developed this FAQ section in response to the needs of our prospective clients to learn more about BelVis and the many solutions it provides.  This section is constantly evolving and we encourage you to check here first for answers to your questions.

What is BelVis?

The BelVis product family, with its component-based system, is capable of tackling all necessary tasks in the energy market, from remote meter reading with BelVis SODA, to basic data and time series management and processing in the energy data management field, through to portfolio management, optimization and forecasting.

Can BelVis be integrated with other systems?

Yes! BelVis can be integrated to existing systems such as SCADA, billing, CRM, and AMI/AMR.  This can be done through a variety of methods like direct file import, direct database connections, transfer tables and web services. 

Major billing systems, such as SAP, Oracle, and NorthStar, can be integrated with BelVis.  BelVis also offers connections to other data suppliers for weather data, prices, utilization fees, and more.


What information can BelVis store?

BelVis can store all data related to energy production and use.  This can be data coming from ppower plants, distributors, suppliers, control areas, metering points, weather stations, feeding points, etc..

The combination of KISTERS' Time Series Data Management engine (KiTSM) and tight integration with Oracle as the backend database platform, provides our clients with a highly optimized, very fast and efficient energy data management solution that is able to store data up to 1 second in resolution.

Which utilities can BelVis manage?

KISTERS' products work with all the utilities. BelVis manages Electrical and Natural Gas data.

How does BelVis manage data flow?

BelVis uses 3 different techniques to control and manage the data inside the system:

  • Validation, with 6 different user-customizable methods that can combine different time series.
  • Aggregation, starting from the metering point up to the control areas, with user-customizable options.
  • Quality flags, every single value has a quality flag and are assigned by the user.

How does BelVis export data?

BelVis data can be saved in different formats. You can simply copy and paste data into MS Excel or export data in one of the following formats (.csv, .xls, .xml, .txt).  With the built in KiBasic programming language you can easily access stored information within the system and even generate automatic and adhoc reports.

Do I have to buy the entire BelVis suite?

Absolutely not! BelVis has different modules.  Clients can choose just the modules they need.

  • EDM Power is the Energy Data Management module for distributors and sellers in the energy market.
  • EDM Gas is the Energy Data Management module for distributors and sellers the natural gas market.
  • PPM is the Power Plant Management module for all energy producers.
  • BelVis PRO is the advanced forecasting module, to control load and price forecasts.

Is BelVis suitable for small companies?

BelVis is suitable for both small and large companies and can be scaled to meet the growing demands of any utility or organization.

Can I use BelVis for the Renewable Energy Market?

Absolutely yes! The BelVis Energy Suite provides management tools for the entire energy value stream.  BelVis PRO is also the perfect instrument for wind and solar energy forecasting.