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The benefits of the AquisNet software solution are many.


Stability, availability and responsiveness

KISTERS software has a reputation of extreme stability. Software developed by KISTERS is used worldwide by many agencies and industrial players in markets with strict requirements in terms of high-availability and responsiveness that many would find difficult to meet.

  • AquisNet is ideally suited for the industry: management of large regional ambient air quality networks and of small but disaster-critical fence-line monitoring systems on industrial sites. In both applications, stability, availability and responsiveness are key issues. In regional ambient air quality monitoring the general public needs to be updated continuously on the overall air quality situation. Special emphasis is placed on data quality and accuracy during periods of high ozone concentrations in the troposphere in stable and sunny weather conditions, and the need to access high resolution data to identify individual releases of gaseous or particulate pollutants. In industrial fence-line monitoring applications the system must be relied on during hazardous events providing guaranteed responsiveness and availability of data recorded before, during and after the event.

KISTERS achieves astonishing levels of stability, availability and responsiveness by means of sharing application layers between its applications. Time series data management is a core competency of KISTERS who have been producing time series data management software for almost 25 years. Other examples of shared expertise/software layers are: Web publishing, GUI development, and Open Data standardization.


Local, national and international experience

KISTERS has a long history of providing environmental software to public authorities or subordinate structures in the US and Canada. Examples from the field of hydrological monitoring include the California Department of Water Resources, New York City Department of Environmental Protection, US Geological Survey, Merced Irrigation District, Turlock Irrigation District, Oregon Water Resources Department, City of Philadelphia, City of Austin, Berkeley National Laboratory, BC Hydro, Alberta Environment, and Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources to name a few. With a client base where more than 97% of our clients are government or public sector agencies, KISTERS is adept at delivering complex projects on-time and within budget.


Incorporates the latest standards and technologies

KISTERS’ software solutions, whether they are for air quality monitoring, hydrological monitoring, or energy monitoring, are known around the world for their high quality, high capacity, scalability and technically accurate results. More than $7 million US is invested annually on research and development initiatives at KISTERS to ensure our solutions are meeting the evolving demands of our clients and keeping up with the pace of technology change. KISTERS software is also developed according to DIN ISO 9001-2008 standard, ensuring the strictest of procedures and processes are followed during the development.


Deliver a productive, easy to learn and user friendly system

Organizations responsible for air quality monitoring often collect large volumes of continuous air quality data. This data needs to be processed to assure quality and to transform it into useable information. Varting numbers of staff is involved in the collection, processing, reporting and management of this data. AquisNet must deliver on specific general requirements relating to: technological capability, support industry standards, meet end-user requirements, foster increased adoption and offer best in class software support resources. AquisNet fulfills all of these key requirements.


AquisNet also provides organizations with;

  • Field proven time series management technology
  • Data acquisition and validation in real time
  • Fully automated processes to acquire, validate, collect, centralize, store, manage, evaluate and aggregate data
  • Numerical statistical analysis and powerful graphics
  • Advanced reporting and dissemination schemes including web publishing
  • Flexibility due to modular concept to suit your needs now and stay open for upgrades in the future
  • Choice of operating environment and relational database management system
  • Scalability to meet data needs and budget constraints
  • Easy integration of AquisNet into existing platforms
  • Compliance with major air pollution regulations