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Hydstra, FlowTracker2 seamlessly integrate monitoring data

Hydstra now supports direct import of FlowTracker2 files as SonTek releases new ADV.

In conjunction with the release of SonTek's new FlowTracker2 instrument, Hydstra is pleased to announce support for direct import of FlowTracker2 data files. Both SonTek and Hydstra are leaders in the acquisition and management of water data, and the prioritization of customer needs. 

The original FlowTracker handheld Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter (ADV) is SonTek's best-selling instrument of all time, making this new edition highly anticipated by water professionals worldwide. It is predominantly used for wading discharge measurements in hydrologic applications -- although it does have industrial, agricultural, engineering, and laboratory applications in which water velocity is an important parameter. 

Among myriad new features of FlowTracker2 is an open-source file format that is user- and database-friendly. Unlike the original instrument which required an export-import process and multiple software solutions, the new file format is database-ready immediately upon download from the instrument. This particular feature gives every user greater ease and flexibility to post-process and manage hydrologic/hydrographic data, according to the specific needs of any organization. 

Hydstra recognizes the opportunity to help users get ahead of the curve and plan for a more efficient workflow. From the convenient, built-in dropdown menu, Hydstra users can bring in any number of file formats, of which FlowTracker2 is the latest addition.Sontek.PNG