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AquisNet Air Quality Monitoring Solution

AquisNet is the KISTERS Air Quality Monitoring solution.

Several new features have been added to AquisNet over the past 12 months.

Five Second Real-Time Data Analysis

Air quality analysers produce a new reading every 5 seconds. This high-resolution data is typically aggregated locally in the data acquisition system into 30 minutes or 1 hour averages. The original 5” data is of interest to both data validation/correction experts and scientists. The added-value of 5” real-time data in the data centre provides access to the dynamics of the changes in the measurement. AquisNet periodically (up to 3 times a day) downloads the 5” data from all monitoring stations. The data is stored on a hard-disk in circular buffers – the autonomy depends on available hard-disk space and can be anything from a few days to several months. The standard web browser GUI AquisNet REP is used to analyse and process the data, including graphical and numerical analysis, export etc. AquisNet REP ensures a clear separation between 5” real-time data and regulatory AQM data stored in the AquisNet database.

AquisNet becoming more versatile

In addition to air quality and meteorological data, AquisNet is now able to handle other data types such as noise levels and traffic counts. In recent times several users have expanded traffic monitoring stations with additional sensors to monitor noise levels and to count traffic. AquisNet now supports energetic addition, subtraction and averaging as well as the calculation of typical noise indicators. Traffic counts can be split into typical traffic counting categories – here some customization comes into play as several standards exist and schemes can vary from one country to the next. Keeping traffic noise and traffic counts in the same database alongside the air quality and meteorological data provides a holistic view on environmental conditions.