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Popularity of HydroTel™ On The Rise


prod-hydrotel.jpgHydroTel™, the New Zealand designed and developed environmental monitoring application is growing in popularity in Australia.

Already extensively used in Northern Territory, South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales, HydroTel™ is an extremely versatile software application used largely for monitoring environmental events allowing users to be aware of flood danger or other weather anomalies.

Designed originally by iQuest (NZ) Ltd in DOS and then OS/2, HydroTel™ now operates on any Windows® platform and has the advantage of being as large or small an application as the user requires. In New Zealand the smallest operation is on Mount Ruapehu monitoring weather sites to protect skiers, while the biggest application is in New South Wales monitoring over 1600 sites.

As the use of HydroTel™ grows, so does the need for solid support.  iQuest has a dedicated team of four available to answer questions whether by email or phone. The team, lead by Technical Director Malcolm Barr, includes company founder and technical advisor, Michael Cook, Steffi George and Jared Lindsey.  Development of HydroTel™ is continuous with clients requesting additional features that keep the application technologically in front.

For further information on HydroTel™ or other iQuest products (the iRIS family of dataloggers for instance) contact:

David Richards
Managing Director
iQuest (NZ) Ltd
+647 857 0812