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WISKI Installed for National Water Data Archive

Kisters Pty Ltd recently completed a major project with the Bureau of Meteorology to install WISKI into the BOM and to provide automation tools to populate WISKI dynamically from data extracted from AWRIS. The project commenced in March 2012 and was completed on time and on budget on June 30. The project was known internally as WADI - the WISKI AWRIS Data Integration project.

The scope of WADI was to develop a fully automated way of building and maintaining a complete WISKI system. Within WADI an Extract Transform and Load (ETL) interface was developed which mapped AWRIS objects to the WISKI core objects of Site, Station, Parameter and Time Series Agent. An API was designed using the KISTERS WISKI Markup Language (KiWISKI ML) which automatically registered the AWRIS objects into WISKI. Once the objects were created in WISKI then meta data and time series data were automatically imported using the WISKI importing framework and distributed service manager (KiDSM). For data import WDTF attributes were mapped to WISKI attributes, building a complete system using the WDTF controlled vocabulary. The import routines used the WISKI meta data import framework for CSV and XML files as well as the import services for time series data (ZRXP format).

In addition to the API and data interface development, many other WISKI developments were triggered by the WADI project which will prove useful in future Kisters projects. These include time series templates saved in the database to be automatically rolled out with time series registration over the API and a security and sorting model for time series which is automatically applied.

KISTERS is looking forward eagerly to the time when this system is fully populated with WDTF data from across Australia, providing for the first time an integrated time-series water resources database for the whole of Australia.