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Australian KISTERS Group Meeting

The Australian KISTERS User Group meeting will be held this year in Canberra on September 13 and 14, at the Hellenic Club 13 Moore St, Canberra ACT.

The cost will be $638 including GST per person.
Download your registration form.

There will be a couple of themes for this year's conference, for which we are seeking user presentations.

Hitting The Target
Every agency puts together their monitoring program in response to a mix of requirements from government and other interested parties. How do you put the targets together, and how do you measure against them? How do you confirm that subcontractors are delivering what they should? We would be keen to receive presentations on network management, contract management and reporting, limit setting, data auditing, data validation and correction, etc.

Data Interchange
There are many ways in which agencies exchange data, ranging from direct telemetry feeds, file pushes via FTP, web service calls, web scraping, etc. Additionally we often need to exchange site information, ratings, gaugings, sections etc. Formats include WDTF, WaterML, XML, CSV and proprietary formats. Different mechanisms for data provision put the load on different parts of the supply chain - for example providing a web service is to write a blank cheque in terms of potential peak load on the web server. In addition there are many philosophical difficulties when exchanging coded information - let's not even start the debate about quality codes for example!